Unable to connect the BOLT module to mobile hotspot

Hello Community…!

My BOLT module was working well when connected to the home wifi network, but when I tried connecting it to my mobile hotspot it was unable to connect to the cloud network. The device was offline.
Kindly help me resolve this.

Hi @alfrededusoft,

Can you please let us know the steps that you performed to connect the device to your mobile hotspot?
This will help us in figuring out what must have gone wrong.

Also, what is the status of the BLUE and GREEN leds on the Bolt device?

Thanks for the response sir.

This is how I proceeded:

Connected my PC to mobile hotspot
Opened the bolt app, the device was offline… Later I followed the exact same setup as shown in the tutorial, but it didn’t help
Found the BOLT WiFi hotspot on the network and internet setting, tried connecting to it and it asked for a security key…
Later tried accessing with reference to the previous discussion on the forum dated Aug 18…But this didn’t work out for me as well.

Hoping for a quick solution…

I think that your mobile internet is too slow that device can’t get it enough internet to connect the device.

In you problem you said that it works for home WiFi.From this I guess that your internet is weak and you said that you follow the same steps which are in the tutorial. So once Check your mobile internet whether it has good connection or not