Unable to connect to bolt


I am unable to connect my bolt hotspot in my phone as it is asking for password


Can you please post the screenshot of the issue so that we can resolve it easily.


@adityaroutray98 The Bolt app will ask for the password of the WiFi network you want the Bolt device to connect to. You will need to provide this password in order to set up the Bolt device.
Let me know if you meant something else


Step 1 :just power on your device by connecting it to a suitable USB source.
Note. ESP chip is capable of both connecting to a wifi and creating hotspot. Yes, when
you will scan wifi network present ,it will show a bolt device but we do not have to care
about it because it is for the bolt app to exploit._

Step 2:open the bolt iot app,login and you should see your device mentioned in the screen.
click on the device and connect.
** NOTE In case of IOS only you have to connect to wifi manually with password bolt1234.**
Step 3: now be ready with an internet providing hotspot.it wil be displayed in the next screen.
Connect by selecting SSID and providing password.
** NOTE:in case of IOS you have to manually provide with the name of SSID.**
Step 4: now you have to provide the location and you are ready to connect to cloud.

That is it.no password is required as it is not required to connect to bolt hotspot unless and untill it is an ios device


You dont need to know password for bolt device.The thing is that you should connect to another active net connection and by using that add bolt device.


@adityaroutray98 Make sure that you have a proper internet connection on your phone.
My suggestion would be to connect your Bolt Module to a WiFi network instead of connecting it via hotspot connection as there wouldn’t be any complexity in understanding which network to connect to. After you connect the Bolt Module to a WiFi network ,open the app where your Bolt Module will be visible. Connect it and then you can login to your cloud account. If you follow these steps, you are good to go.