Unable to connect to the cloud

I have disconnected the last network on which my bolt device was connected and now to join the bolt wifi from my phone its asking the wifi password which i dont remember.
Please help me out to forget this password or to connect to the cloud.

You can connect to the Bolt cloud using mobile hotspot also. You need two mobile phones for that . From one phone you need to share hotspot to the other phone. Download the Bolt IOT app in one phone. Fill the login credentials. Follow the same instuctions that you followed for wifi connection. In the last screen,connect your phone to second phone’s hotspot. The Bolt will be restarted and will be connected to second phone’s hotspot. Hope this information helped you. Thank you.


Everytime the bolt module is disconnected from the network or removed out from power supply,the connection is lost and when reconnected ,the bolt module restarts and connects to the old wifi ,you can switch off the current connected wifi and use a new wifi to connect your module ,to connect the module follow the required procedure.Hope this information has helped you,thank you.

Firstly turn off your data of your mobile then make the location on
After that click the option add device correspondingly give supply to the bolt device
After clicking on add device go through all the steps and that will make you to on your wifi through the settings thus make it on
It will connect automatically if it doesn’t then put the password as bolt1234/Bolt1234 as password and check it will definitely connect
After that procedure it will show an option via hotspot click that and that option will make you to switch off you wifi and made you to on your hotspot and this it will connect your mobile hotspot and then the green light will glow
After that go through the steps further in app
This your device will be connected to cloud and it will show online

Of this helps or worked for you please reply for this message

Hi @sandeepknandi01,

Follow the setup process again https://info.boltiot.com/how-to-setup-bolt

Do let me know in case you need any other information.