Unable to connect

I am facing a problem. Both the lights on my bolt module are glowing completely but I can’t see the connection on my phone. I’m attaching the screenshot as well.

Can you share the screenshot of bolt app?

Yes attaching

Have you followed the steps to connect Bolt to the cloud?

Try running a bolt sample program once.

I just can’t see the bolt hotspot option.

You are doing the connection process for first time? I am asking because both the led blinking means your configuration process was successful and you wont see bolt hotspot now. If that is the case you just need to select your wifi and continue. Thats why asked to run a sample program.

I tried doing it before it did connect but then again got disconnected and I can’t see any device connected on phone. I’ll try running a sample program

Which wifi connection did you attempt to connect to?

I tried connecting on bolt13999814

No, I mean, after you connected to bolt’s wifi with its password, you were asked to let it connect with your home wifi and password in the app too. Which wifi did you connect with then?

I connected to the home wifi.

Yes what is the name of your wifi connection you connected with out of these?

Same Problem
The name of my wifi connection is - TP-Link_C556

Have you used the Bolt App to connect with the Bolt Wifi module first? (SSID - boltxxxxx pass - bolt1234)

  1. After successful connection, you’ll be able to view the wifi connections avaible in your area through the app.

  2. There, you have to click on the wifi you want your Bolt Module to connect with. (Must be a 2.4GHz wifi, 5G wifi is not supported by the module

  3. After clicking on the wifi, enter the password of your wifi connection. And click Connect.
    Your Bolt should be able to connect to the internet.

  4. Next step is to verify wifi setup.
    Here, we check if Bolt has actually connected to the Internet.

While you did send the WiFi network name and password to the Bolt WiFi Module, sometimes a few users enter the wrong password, so the Bolt cannot connect to the WiFi router and the internet.

Keeping this in mind, at this step, we verify if the Bolt is getting internet connectivity or not.

There are two ways to do it:

  • Check if the Blue and the GREE LEDs on Bolt are both stable. If yes, then your device is connected
    to the Internet successfully.


  • Click on the ‘Verify the Setup’ button, and the app will do it for you.

Then click Done

Let me know in which step you’re facing trouble.

mine was connected by another network which isn’t visible in the screenshot.

@sparsh.girdhar20 From the screenshot, it looks like your wifi was nearby with a good connection. And all the good connections are listed on the top.

I suggest you to follow the steps I have mentioned, and tell me in which step you’re facing trouble from.

Network resest or try reboot

Yes Blue Light and Green Light both are stable but the device is not added when i checked my phone.

there was not even verify the setup button in my case.