Unable to connnect my device to the internet i tried from an another phone

i tried to connect from phone which i usually connect but it shows password invalid and also i tried to remove the device but there is no option of removing it.
i tried to watch previous videos but they also showed from the starting

@dheerajbisht362 Please try this. Go to cloud.boltiot.com. Click on the three dots icon. Then select disconnect.

Change your hotspot password and start from beginning by going to the app and connecting the Bolt module

showing _ bolt is offline cant disconnect when the device is offline

then plugged power cable to bolt module and try to disconnect as told by @ Rishi.Kashyap

Reconnect your phone to your WiFi. If that doesn’t work add your device through the app again, no need to remove it.

On conmecting blue LED blinks at slow pace and nothing happens

It don’t connect to the iot device it show incorrect password I think

@Rishi.Kashyap can’t connect the divice to make it disconnect

then there some loose connection in your power cable plz check it or go to mobile app and then click on ‘ADD DEVICE’ and follow the process again.
I think there some problem in connectivity.

Could you try and change the wifi password?

1st turn off the hotspot you had connected at starting.
2nd try to connect boltwifi in your cellphone from which your want to configure.
3rd open bolt app(use android app), after login click to add device. over their you will see ready option. click it and add your personal hotspot name and password.
let me know if any error occur.

Firstly visit https://trainings.boltiot.com/courses/429176/lectures/6646929 and follow all the instruction correctly if still the problem continuess then follow the instructions given below:-

  1. Power off your bolt wifi module and your phone wifi
  2. Then switch on bolt wifi module and your phone wifi
  3. Then connect your bolt wifi module to your phone wifi ( If it shows incorrect password the bolt module password is “bolt1234” or “bolt123”
  4. Once you are done with connecting the wifi module, then open your phone bolt app and click ADD DEVICE
  5. Then it will automatically connect n you can choose which wifi network you want

Hi sir,
if your problem is still unsolved try this method.
open your boltiot android application and connect your wifi module to the power supply.In the app towards the bottom there is an option of adding device. Please follow instructions and add device on your phone. while connecting the module to app firstly it will ask to turn on your wifi,turn it on and next it will ask you to shut data,please do it. then it will ask to connect it to a network. fill your wifi info and make sure it has bandwidth of 2.4GHz. you will succesfully re-add your device. then turn on your mobile data,green light of wifi module which represents connection to data will turn on.if there is any problem with bolt cloud password please reply to this tag.


If the Blue LED is glowing slowly, it means that the device is in the setup mode.

You can follow the same steps again to configure the device that you did for the first time by following the instructions on the Bolt IoT App.