Unable to control and work with the Bolt device through the app(iOS)

I have successfully connected the Bolt device to my network and have also successfully made a project with it. But, I am unable to operate and access my device through the Bolt IoT app for iOS 12.4.8 . Though things are working fine through my PC, using the phone is more easy and I would like to view things through the app. Everything else is fine, the connection part is also ok, but I cannot control the device through the app. Nothing is happening after I click the name of the device displayed.

It would be nice if you would help me out.
@bolt_iot @PPV :pray:

@sskzm5808 I think you need to make sure to first connect the Bolt module to WiFi and Cloud and then try clicking the device in the app.

Respected Sir/Ma’am,
I am very thankful for your interest in helping me out. As I have clearly mentioned before, I HAVE already connected the device to both my WiFi network and the cloud. I have even made the Light monitoring project!, in fact. The only hitch here is that, the mobile app is not working. If it is a bug in the app, I request the developers to rectify it.
Thanks a LOT for your interest in this.
Yours Sincerely,