Unable to control leds by buttons using JS more than once

While using JS for controlling BOLT GPIO pins, I cannot control LED’s by buttons in more than a single ON-OFF Cycle
I tried out with digital pins like 0,1,4,5 etc( i.e replaced x in the code digitalWrite(x,HIGH/LOW) with the pin numbers and also connected led accordingly) and they worked perfectly for the first time, i.e. led glows/turns off when I click the corresponding buttons).
However, as I mentioned it is a one time process, i.e. once I click on the “led on” and then turn it off, once again I cant turn the led on when I click on the ON button.
i.e. once I glow the led by connecting it to a particular pin say pin 5, I cannot glow it again on the same pin 5, even if I re-upload the code and restart the device.
I have provided link to the files that I have uploaded to my SD Card - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-ICJE7ubL4NbGVNb0JMTnMwaTA/view?usp=sharing
Also the image of the code used for the experiiment

Do you have an SD card adaptor? You can connect the SD card to your laptop and check if the file is there. If the file is not present then you can simply copy it to the card and it should start working fine.

I checked the files in the SD card with the help of my adapter. bolt.js file is actually present in the card!!!

Which browser are you using? The system works smoothly with chrome. It could give a problem with other browsers. Make sure you try it out with Google Chrome.

Ya, apparently it was the problem with browser.I was using edge and maybe as u said it was not compatible.
Now I’m using chrome, and am able to control smoothly, without any issues.
Ty for ur response

Super. Happy to help. We have tested the system with Safari and Firefox and it work with them too but with an error a lot of times. This has got nothing to do with Bolt but with Java Scripts support with these browsers.