Unable to copy paste

This will give you an essence of linux environment with black background.

But the easiest option for terminal interface, is to use Power Shell.

  1. Write your code in any text editor - Sublime or Notepad++. And save it with .py extension

  2. Then visit the folder where you filename.py is present (Your python file)

  3. Press Shift + RightClick with mouse.

  4. Click “Open Powershell Window here”

  5. Enter python3 filename.py

There are more ways to run python, there are IDEs like Pycharm, VS Code, Anaconda Navigator, etc

when i type python3 it opens microsoft store

i wrote my code and also mention configurtion in conf,py in sublime what should i do next?

Have you installed python3 from the given link first?

Which method do you wish to follow? CMD or Powershell?

Hi @kondruabhay,

There is no fix solution to enable copy-paste in vm. You have to google the issue and find out the solution. If you really want to copy paste your code then I will suggest you this thread How to Copy Paste in Ubuntu in Oracle Virtual Box from windows?

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

@kondruabhay is using VMWare. And in his Settings, the option, Guest Isolation isn’t present. Do see the matter, if that can be resolved.

well i wanna use CMD then

Go through the steps on installing python, till botiot package.

Then use the below method to run it smoothly from any folder.

It’s the safest option.

im getting like this

yes i have installed python 3 from shared link

Download python3 from microsoft store as well. Looks like they aren’t accepting self installed python.

Ok tell me how to download it with powershell iam getting above message when I try to run my code

You know about microsoft store right? Search in the taskbar “Microsoft Store” > In the store search “Python 3.9” > Click install

Once installation is complete do Step 2 to check if it is properly installed.

im getting some big error like this
do i need to add some path in environment variables?

run this - pip3 install wheel
And then install boltiot

Follow the instructions over here - https://www.howtogeek.com/266621/how-to-make-windows-10-accept-file-paths-over-260-characters/
I had already enabled it a year back while doing ML projects, that’s why i never faced this error maybe.
After the instructions, reboot your system.

All this can be prevented by using any Python IDE too.

Other than this, you can use your phone to run the python on terminal too. Let me know if you need instructions on that.

you followed same instructions to enable it

do u have any idea how to do this by using anaconda navigator spyder IDE?