Unable to do LED controlling

I’m unable to control LED, I wrote the code but it’s not working what should I do?

Hello @chathuryareddyt
Cheak your connection and code again.
Link your device to a product
than click on view device.
Hope this information is useful for you.

if what @chetan.kandarkar99 said doesn’t help, post your code and pins configuration.

PIN Configuration:

Step 1: Take one leg of the resistor and wrap it around the longer leg of the LED i.e positive

Step 2: Insert the negative leg of the LED into the ground pin of the Bolt.

Step 3: Insert the other leg of the resistor in digital pin 0 of the Bolt


Bolt IoT Platform ON OFF

Hope this useful for you.


Bolt IoT Platform ON OFF

U can copy the code paste it on editor I have also encountered same problem by this method u can solve your problem.

Hi @chathuryareddyt
Please check that your bolt wi-fi module is connected to internet or not.
Please check on which GPIO pin you connected your LED.
Please check the code again and again and see which GPIO pin you have written in code.
Then do the linking process and start testing.
Thank You