Unable to enroll the course even after the payment

I already paid 1750 rupees for the training, but when I try to enroll it , it is again asking me to pay $130.
Please help me to enroll the course

You will get a mail on the email account you enrolled with, use the link provided to enroll. Following the link will take you through the proper routes, it worked for me


Please read the email with subject “Access to Voice Apps Online Training” very carefully.

You should be able to see an Access Code the get the training for free in the email. Also read the instructions about how to use the same to enroll in the training.

Please revert back in case you are not able to get this done

Login in to the email id with which you enrolled in the course.
Check your inbox, you might have received an email that says “steps to access training”.
Follow the links given in that mail. Sign up for bolt IOT if you have to.
Having created your account, go to this site :https://trainings.boltiot.com/p/iotandml
Then click on “enroll in training”. while signed in you will see the courses that you have enrolled in.
Select the course that you want to start learning.

Hope this helps.