Unable to enroll the course

I have received the hardware kit on cash on delivery and two working days has been ended up even though I can’t be able to access the course,what should I do???

First, go to cloud.boltiot.com and then go to
1.My account.
2. Training.
3. Click on the Go To Course to access the course and the videos.
If the above process doesn’t work then

  1. Copy the access code.
  2. Go to https://trainings.boltiot.com
  3. Scroll down, click on Online training on IoT and ML.
  4. Click on Enroll in Training and paste the access code in the add coupon.
  5. Now you will be enrolled in the course.
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Just go through the instructions given in your email message. visit trainings.boltiot.com for training access.

the coupon code provided of ur enrollment is also used while enrolling the training

but it showing invalid code, unable to access:-(