Unable to find my device ID

My device is connected but it isn’t showing the ID in cloud app. The blue light is blinkng slowly at first and in 5 seconds both blue and green LED lights are on and stable, but I’m unable to connect my device. Please help!!

Can you send a snap of your module? Plug in the cable and take a snap.

Looks like you’re connected to the cloud.
Send a screenshot of your Devices section on cloud.boltiot.com

Try to reconnect the bolt to the cloud by changing your hotspot connection or check the mail address whether its same

Again try connecting by going to bolt app and connect USB and power on and then open wifi and under bolt network copy the bolt network password. u will be connected to bolt wifi module and u can find device id on both your app and cloud.boltiot.com .
hope it will be helpful.

Try to connect again by installint the and follow the steps mentioned in the course and also check that it is connected to proper wifi network . After that check it with this link