Unable to get access to my traning

As it was show i usually go to videos lectures through GO TO COURSE button
but now its redirecting me to the enrollment page.
now i m unable to attend video lectures !!!

Hiii @kahkeshan2299
You must have received an email subjected “Access to Online Training on Internet of Things and Machine Learning” from yeshwant.naik@boltiot.com with instructions to access the training.

Do check the Spam section of your mailbox if you are not able to find it in your inbox.
Hope this information is useful for you. :+1:

I had completed my half traning , due to some issues I was not able to follow the course .
Now I am trying to attend lectures , its redirecting me to enrollment page with a message of COUPON IS EXPIRED

visit cloud.boltiot.com/training
and watch the video available there.

Hi @kahkeshan2299,

As I can see you are already enrolled in the training and have completed the 50% of content. Please visit https://trainings.boltiot.com/ and login with your login credentials and you will be able to access the training.

Also share the screenshot of the error.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Its asking me to enroll again and pay for the traning

Please share the screenshot of the error so that we can resolve this issue.

visit the link and watch the video cloud.boltiot.com/training
if you face another problem then share your screenshot of error

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thank you all
but the problem is solved and i m able to access my course now

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today my hardware of IOT got delivered .i am enrolling using same email buy its doesn’t showing the training.

Hi @musfik639,

I am not able to find any order with this email id musfik63*@gmail.com. Can you share the email id that you had used while purchasing the training?

musfik639@gmail.com this is my email

Hi @musfik639,

Can you share your order id ?

india36005 this is my order id

"No orders found with this email ID “musfik639@gmail.com” this is the error i am getting

Hi @musfik639,

You had used this email id mushfiquemdp5*@gmail.com while purchasing the training. Use the same email account on Bolt Cloud.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

thankyou soo much for your assistance. i forgot which one i used.