Unable to get back..see picture

I got this pop message as captured in picture…I am unable to get back…even if I press ‘Ok’ not able to get…

Hello @shettipriyanka17
This message may have occurred may be due to your mobile connecting to your wifi connection which is 5Ghz.
And as you know the Bolt wifi module is capable of working only with 2.4Ghz frequency.
Check out this link for wifi module specification : https://docs.boltiot.com/docs/bolt-wifi-module#section-connectivity

Usually the routers do generate both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz frequencies , causes may be because : your mobile connects to 5Ghz by default OR the 2.4Ghz band wifi is not generated by the router-So i guess that must be configured through the router settings.


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Heyo @shettipriyanka17

I see your issue but its not big a deal. Even if u go on and make changes as the pop-up says, sometimes it wont go away and that is irritating. But it wont affect your connectivity with the cloud. I think its a flaw or something in the app. I face it too sometimes but nothing to worry.

You may clear your RAM in phone and reOpen the App. It would go away.

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Hiii… @shettipriyanka17 just make sure that the Wi-Fi connection has frequency 2.4 GHz

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