Unable to get the output on PuTTY

I am having an issue with the Project 6 of the Bolt Python Library project. I have done all the installations properly and thoroughly. In spite of that, the PuTTY window is showing that i cannot import bolt from boltiot. Please help me solve this problem.

see the spelling properly its Bolt not bolt i think you should try :- from boltiot import Bolt … I hope it might works :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @pristinects,

Could you please share the snapshot of the PuTTY window where that happens?
Also, I suggest you to use Windows Terminal that you can download from the Windows Store. It supports the ssh command that is generally used in Linux systems.

Here is the link for the same:

Just put your droplet’s IPv4 address and you are good to go.

Hope this helps!

Bolt Pic Thanks for your suggestion!

Hi @pristinects

Try without the sudo keyword.


When you installed bolt library, did you notice any error messages? Was the installation successful?

can you share the output of below command as well?

pip freeze