Unable to link the product

My device is not getting connected. I am sharing link of the video during the whole process kindly help

I think you have to first connect your device in BoltIOT app
Follow these steps given in the document properly:

@aakashboom The video is not being played. Can you please share a link of the same video on Google drive?


The behavior that you are getting is perfectly normal. As the error message suggests, you need to create a product and link the device to it.

Please follow the instructions mentioned in the course carefully. Go through the "Building Your First IoT Sensor Project" to know how to create a product and link the device to it.

Hi @aakashboom
It seems your product is not linked to the device. Don’t worry it’s just a minute issue. All you need to do is:

  1. Go to the devices section(the first icon on the sidebar at the left corner)
  2. Click on the link icon
  3. Choose the product to be linked.
    Voila! It’s just 3 steps

If still, you’re facing difficulties, watch this video:
Or read this guide for a detailed step-by-step explanation:

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