Unable to login in the course

Sir I had purchased this course on 22/08/2019, it was mentioned that course will be valid for lifetime. Due to some reasons I was unable to. Complete at that time,but currently when i am trying to login it shows you don’t have any registered course and asking me to repurchase.

Use the mail ID that you have used at the time of purchasing the course or Bolt IoT kit.
You can click forgot password if you identify the correct mail you have used.

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Dear bolt i forget my password for login and i can’t receive mail for reset password please take action for it as soon as possible.

hello @dheeraj.agrawal.568 ,I too faced the same issue i was unable to recieve mail for changing the password after pressing forgot password,try to check the mail settings if its domain mail id ,if not try to free up space in mail and very importantly tick the box for getting updates related to bolt iot cloud during registering the accoubt in bolt website.At last if still the problem is not soved try reaching out the bolt iot support team using theur mail id: support@boltiot.com.thank you and see you later,please share this if u found it helpful and give a like .bye

Hi @dheeraj.agrawal.568 ,
I have taken this to the team and we’ll fix the issue as soon as possible