Unable to open bolt app

I am unable to open my account on bolt IoT app. I had created account with my details initially on the laptop and there the bolt cloud is working . but when I had to add a new device for the first time , it gave me a link to download the app. I downloaded the app and tried to log in with the same account , but each time a pop-up came saying “you have been logged out”.

@ashutoshmishra532 First of all you have to download the bolt app ,register all your details it and then have to enter same details on bolt dashboard but you did the opposite so that’s why this problem is taking place. Now you Don’t directly login first register yourself on bolt app which you have downloaded and fill the details same which you have inserted on bolt cloud dashboard try doing this.

its still not working. I tried to register with another gmail account also. but its still logging out each time i’m trying to log in. is there any way by which the server could deregister the account so that I could make a fresh account using the same gmail id ? because the other gmail id isn’t registered. so if I write product codes on bolt cloud from my laptop , they wouldn’t connect with my phone because there’s a different gmail id there.

i downloaded the bolt iot app in another phone and now its working fine. thank you !