Unable to open quiz

I have recently started this course but it shows 25% completed. So I am unable to open quizzes which I didn’t attempt yet.

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to open the quiz you have get 40% right answers in previous quiz

I got 75% in previous quiz. It is showing course is 25% completed but I didn’t complete much.

I guess you have completed upto project 1, if so no need to worry ,even I got confused at first to see 30ish% completed by end of project 1.

I didn’t complete upto project 1. I have completed the course only upto quiz 1st. But is is showing that I have completed and I think the quizzes were also already responded by someone.

Hi @shahinmomin231200,

You can reattempt the module quiz and I will also suggest you to change your trainings.boltiot.com password.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

How to reattempt the quiz?

Sir, I am getting “This game exceeded the 25 player limit” on my Quiz 9, please help me regarding that.


Can you be more specific about which training?

Yes i am also facing same issue in quiz no. 3


Please be specific, which training are you referring to?

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yeah, it’s IoT and ML training, and it’s saying “This game exceeded the 25 player limit” on my Quiz 9.

here’s the image attached.

please help me with that


Apologies for the inconvenience, we’ll update you soon once the issue is solved. You can continue with your training without attending the quizzes till then.

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