Unable to reconnect to wifi module

hello sir ,my bolt device was connected to cloud until the last step which demonstrates disconnecting and it did disconnect to my wifi network and never reconnected i tried powering it on and off but there was no use and it neither switched to an alternate wifi network which entered during setup please help on this and also if there is way to add new wifi network.

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You will have to restart the connection process using the instructions in the bolt cloud app or website.
Hope this helps.

To reconnect follow the following steps
Step 1: Check if blue light is blinking slowly, If Yes! go to step 2
Step 2: On your device click on add device and then follow all the instruction to setup your device as it was new

Restart the process once again.

hii @munidineshsathish…you should use two mobiles phones if you have downloaded the app in one phone …and then for hotspot network you have to use another phone as per the instructions given…i did the same thing…it works…hope it helps you too…thank you.

hello @munidineshsathish I think the problem is coming in hotspot set up so what you have to do like you have done one project on bolt and disconnect it an then you do some more projects after a gap so there is some problem is coming in setup again so what you have to do there is problem coming in hotspot setup so you have to do is put you mobile hotspot name and password in the setup and process it so it will connect again so you dont need to have a second mobile for hotspot connection you can connect within mobile itself…thankyou

you can restart the connection using BOLT IOT app . so that the conncetion ges re-established

Hey you should try to reconnect the wifi-module by the setup given in the bolt training platform.I faced the same problem but reconnecting it again helped and other thing if you connecting the wifi module through an iOS device I recommend to change and connect it through android device. Just for setup purpose than after that you can connect from an IOS device anytime.