Unable to register to bolt cloud


I opened the cloud.boltiot.com and clicked on the signup option. Later I entered the details and then in email column I entered my google id and clicked register. They said that “Email is already registered. You have used google id for login into Bolt Cloud”.
Kindly let me know what I am supposed to do further about this. What email id should I provide to regiter to cloud? Should I give new email id? If yes in what format?

If you are already registered use that to login into the bolt platform. Why make a new account?

If it says that “Email is already registered.” then this simply means that you have already made an account on the site and you might have forgotten that. So you can go for the Sign in with Google option below the Sign In button. There just login into your Google account and that’s it you will be logged in automatically.

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It helped. Thank you so much.

when i clicked sign in button it is asking some information like birthday,phone number,institution name,etc is it necessary to fill these information?

Hi @keerthanahs065,

Yes, it is compulsory to fill in those fields.

Do let me know in case you need further assitance.

ok ,thank you so much.