Unable to run the AI code in replit

I have started doing AI course. In that, I started writing the first chatcompletion code using gpt-3.5-turbo, it is showing an error “RateLimitError: You exceeded your current quota, pl ease check your plan and billing details”. Please guide me to resolve this error

I had the same problem earlier. it either means that the code in inaccurate. Or you will have to refresh your page.

You only get a certain amount of free credits/quota to use the API or your tokens have expired.( they have 3 month validity)

I have checked and tried again. It is showing same response

But it is just few minutes gap for api token creation and using in replit

This error typically occurs when you have reached the maximum number of API calls or the total tokens consumed within a given time period.

To resolve this error, you can check your API usage, If You actually reached the maximum number of API calls and don’t want to wait then you can Upgrade your plan.


You Can Implement rate limiting: If you are making multiple API calls concurrently, consider implementing rate limiting in your code to control the number of requests per minute or per second. This can help you stay within the limits and prevent the “RateLimitError” from occurring.

Hope This Helps