Unable to see real time trend on BOLT cloud

I am unable to see real time trend of LDR-
Also, I am able to download data of 12th April’17 but not of current data.
Please reply

There could be an error in your code. Please change the start and end dates to 1st April to 15th April and check if it shows values. Let us know accordingly.

If it does, then check if Bolt is connected to internet.



Read Sensor on pin A0

This is the code for LDR.

2nd one for Data visualization.
setAxisName('time_stamp ',‘voltagevalue’);

Also Internet is connected.
Please check where I am making mistake.
Also My bolt-kit is older version.“Bolt Hardware Version”:“1.3.0”,“Firmware Version”:“2.2.2”.

I have given snap shot of downloaded data. But it is showing me the current trend.

However, I can read analog value using
It is showing like this {“success”:“1”,“value”:“429”}.

Please reply asap.

Hi @manishj02,

Send us a screenshot of your hardware configuration. To know the hardware configuration
Go to Developer console - > Products - > click on Hardware chip icon

Also, do console log of your graph page in chrome and see if any error or warning message is there.
Also, try to change Live to the Previous day or Previous Month and check if you are getting the graph.

I am not getting any error on chrome page.
Also I have changed live to the Previous day or Previous Month still it is not showing the real time trend.
Although , today I have downloaded the dain csv format in 5 -interval but it is not matching with real time clock.
I have attached the file.

ALSO I want its sampling interval to 1 sec. Is it possible?
Please reply

Hi Manish,
Please share your device with me.My email id is rahul.singh@inventrom.com
Go to Homepage -> Click on Users ->Invite more people - >Done


Currently the Limit is 5 mins , we’ll be reducing it further down in a few days to a lower time interval due to traffic constraints on Bolt cloud.

Also the time shown in the CSV file is the UTC time. i.e. Indian time will be UTC + 5 hours 30 mins

Hi @manishj02
Your code is incorrect. Please copy the correct code.

setAxisName('time_stamp ','voltagevalue');

In plotchart , ‘C’ should be in Capital letters.

Please tell how bring it with real time clock.

Hi Rahul,
Now I am getting the graph.

Hi Rahul
In Bolt console menu, it is not allowing more than 1 analog channel as there 4 analog channel.

Please help in it.

HI @manishj02,
We are allowing only one analog channel (A0) on the Bolt cloud.

This is done to keep compatibility with the new version of Bolt which is V2 and has only 1 ADC pin on it.