Unable to send data to cloud

i am unable to get the reading from the graph and gauge in the bolt beta data visualisation part.
also the older version for plotting a graph with proximity sensor is not working,

I am facing this issue for a long time now and have not got any solution to it even from bolt support.

Please help me out here.


Please refer to this link to find the solution Data Visualisation Incorrect Graph

Did you try the link https://www.boltiot.com/workshop-content-beta.php

Hi @rveleston,
I will suggest you use Storage Configuration feature of bolt cloud. You can refer this link https://www.boltiot.com/app/workshop-content-beta.php for simple documentation. Also, enable data download option in the script so that you will able to know the proximity sensor value. You can enable data download option by adding this line to your js file. dataDownload(‘true’);

The sample code snippet for plotting line graph is


After completing all the steps, open console in chrome and see any error or warning message is there. Let me know in case you need further asstitance.

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yes. i tried using the beta program

i tried this. still no data received.

Please share the code you wrote along with the scren shot of hardware configuration.

@rveleston , Did you get any error in chrome console?