Unable to set up module after Python Restart Program

Hello, a few days ago I ran the python program given in the course to restart the bolt module. However, since then I am unable to connect to the bolt module as my phone keeps disconnecting from it. I searched all the previous threads on the forum and one post suggested to remove the device and try again. However after that my module’s green and blue light turned on and became stable! I turned off the wifi router to disconnect the module to the wifi but since the past 2-3 days but as i type this the module has its green light but I cant see it in the bolt cloud. Is there any way to factory reset the module physically or another way to set up other than the app? Thank you!

Edit: I ran the device status program given before in the course and it shows me this output. {“value”: “Device does not exist”, “success”: 0}

Repeat all the procedure which is explained in Lectures

  • How does the micro controller and cloud linking work?(4:13)
  • Linking the micro controller module to the cloud(9:04)


Hi Merchantabi
I too faced the same problem after running the python code to restart device it got disconnected from my mobile hotspot and fail to reconnect .The solution is open bolt IOT app in your smart phone it will show your device as offline .Ignore that and click on new device and follow the same setup you followed when you connected your wifi for the first time. It will connect to your wi-fi and the green light will become stable. Hope this helps.