Unable to Setup and Configure Bolt

I am unable to setup and configure Bolt. Neither Method 1 nor Method 2 from Module 2 is working.

Method 1:
I installed the NetPlug App. Then switched on Bolt. The blue LED is blinking indicating it has started its own hotspot. Then I connected my tablet to the BOLTXXXXXXXX network and opened the NetPlug App. It scanned for devices and then starting showing my Bolt BOLTXXXXXXXX in the list. When I selected the BOLTXXXXXXXX icon, it did not show the Welcome page. Instead, it is showing a blank page.

Method 2:
I connected my laptop to the BOLTXXXXXXXX network and typed in the address bar of Google Chrome browser. It did not show the Welcome page. Instead, it is downloading a file called ‘download’.

Overall, I am not able to configure the Bolt to connect to any Wifi network and so am unable to proceed with any projects.


Please remove sd card. and re-insert it. In method 2 if the file stops downloading let me know here

I tried removing the SD card and re-inserting it. Still facing the same problem.


Try the following

Can the SD card be put in a smartphone and then connected to the PC? Or is a SD card adaptor absolutely required?

you can use your smartphone

I’m unable to connect even after follwing the above steps.
Please help!!

Which Bolt version do you have? V1 with an SD card or V2 without an SD card?

If its V1 then follow the steps here: Bolt Setup Debugging WiFi Connection

Do let us know if it resolves your issue or in case the issue persists,