Unable to Setup Bolt

Hey guys,

I recently got Bolt Hardware. Bolt not able to connect to my Wifi router .

Steps i followed:

  • Bolt turned on as hotspot.
  • Connected to bolt using my iPhone.
  • Open App and updated my SSID and password.
  • Restarted device.
  • From then, blue LED keeps blinking, neither it connects to router nor i can see it in my iPhone as Hotspot.

Note : I tried all BOLT setup category solutions in the forum. nothing helped.

Please help me out.

Try setting up Bolt with an SD card Adaptor. Check out the process here: Setting up Bolt with an SD Card Reader

I tried all the solutions under Bolt-set up Tags. Nothing helped.

Did you try connecting it to a different network such as your phone hotspot?

  1. Just try connecting the Bolt to a WiFi Router other then one at your home.

  2. Try connecting to the Bolt using a Windows Laptop.

Did the solution work?