Unable to setup device because of higher capacity of wifi in smartphone

The problem is shown in screenshot I have attached

@veeratbrmg I too had this same problem, while I was selecting a network to connect to BOLT to CLOUD. Now, this Caution! pop-up has come not because of higher capacity of WiFi in Smartphone, but because of the higher frequency of WiFi network availability.
Our ESP8266 IoT module requires 2.4Ghz frequency for the connection due to standard protocol.
So, now you have to do is, select your home WiFi connection from the available list of the WiFi or else select the WiFi available from the Hotspot nearby to your network availability.
While selecting the hotspot WiFi module check box the WPA-PSK box.
Last but not the least, try to connect with the WiFi which has very less number of connectivity steps. Like, keep only password as the security during the WiFi connection.
If you have any query please let me know.
Utkarsh Alset

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I too had this problem,while I was connecting to connect internet to bolt module using mobile app but u should wait for some time and try connecting once again