Unable to sign in my digital ocean account

Hey! I have made an account on digital ocean but did not completed the payment procedure,now i m unable to login my account.

you have to complete the payment procedure for it.

Yes I will do it…only when I get logged in??
But I can’t login right now?

try to do the same process once again after some time

If I try to sign up again it is showing the message that… Gmail account is already linked to digital ocean account.
Should I try with another email id?

we have to open digital ocean account using the link provided in course to get free credit .
you may have received mail for account verification from digital ocean. click on it and try the steps once again as said during the course.

@dhakadneeraj786 please use the link from your course.it might be different for all.i have by mistaken by providing the link so i have edited it .please don’t use that one because i have not made account on DO so that i could use that when required for my project at college and we don’t know how all these things work at backend.