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I have joined in IoT &ML course and received my project kit. I have completed the first project setup and Linked the device from the product. As the next step, I tried to deploy the configuration and got the comment that " No hardware configuration is existing for this device ". How to debug this error?

@arunodayam92 you can follow the process as described in the documentation under the section: Part C: Collecting and visualising the data (Plotting Graph) on the Bolt Cloud

Make sure you have correctly followed the steps

Everything is explained there. If still you have doubts then ask again :slight_smile:

Firstly login to bolt cloud and then by adding new device in it. select that device in the products section and click on hardware configuration sign and give the connections.

@arunodayam92 More precisely, you must have skipped the Hardware Configuration part for the product.

Code tab snippet:

Your code tab must be looking like this, you can see that at the right side of the window there are no variables defined for any pin which you must have used in the hardware configurations.

Hardware Configurations Tab:

So basically you haven’t defined the hardware configurations for the product and that is wht the error No hardware configuration is existing for this device is showing up. The hardware tab must look like this:

Note: Make sure the variale name used in the code of the product is the same as that of the variable name given to the pin in the hardware tab

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@arunodayam92 do reply whether your problem is solved or not. If the problem is solved then do close the query by clicking on the Solution button on my first post :grinning:

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