Unable to stART training course

I am notable to access the training course because it is showing add to device option only

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you can mail on support@boltiot.com
and one more thing you can check you mail they may provided steps to access the training course.

I have got my kit before three days but I can’t able to access the training page it’s still showing me “Awaiting for payment confirmation” in the payment status


Please visit https://cloud.boltiot.com/training to understand how to access the training.

Hi @vikramraj12123,

Please follow the instructions below -

Training access

To access the training content, please watch the video below. Also, do read the video comments to avoid common mistakes.

CRITICAL : Perform the steps given in the video on a desktop or a laptop computer. NOT on a mobile phone.

In case you are not able to view the video you can follow the steps below for training access:

  1. Create an account on cloud.boltiot.com using the same email ID that you used to register for the training.

  2. Visit cloud.boltiot.com/training using the same account you created in step 1

  3. Read all the steps given on the website link in step 2 carefully and follow them.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Do you have purchased a Bolt IOT kit?

I think the customer boy who has delivered you a kit, he does not submitted your payment. For enquirey contact 8881197198