Unable to submit project bolt iot and ml training

i’m unable to submit my bolt iot and ml training project. nothing happens when i click on the submit for review button even though i’ve done everything else as per the requirements. kindly help me out.

Hi @mr.transistor.dll Kindly try opening the link in a different browser and see if you are facing the same issue.

Also, do let me know the browser you are using and if there are any blockers installed on it.

hello sir @ashwin.salgaocar. i was using google chrome. i tried using microsoft edge too now and when i click on submit for review it comes back to the edit page and on the top right hand corner, the document just saves again. there is no redirection back to home page, which is what i expected. i have already taken the test and submitted the link for the preview page as instructed. kindly help me out if the editors will be able to view it and grade it accordingly. also i am able to view the project page using permalink, but if i open permalink on another window or browser, it says page not found. i am also not able to share the permalink for viewing to my parents.

@mr.transistor.dll Not an issue, In that case, you can upload your project files to a google drive folder, make the folder public, and then share the link.

where do i share the link sir ? @ashwin.salgaocar

@mr.transistor.dll You can submit the links here. The instructions are added to the training content: Instructions for Assured Internship | Bolt IoT