Unable to troubleshoot the error to switch on basic LED

I followed all instructions given to set up a basic LED light and I am unable to switch it on even after changing the LEDs and used 330 ohm resistor. I tried troubleshooted the errors but in vain. Can anyone help me with that, pls. If u know anything extra I had to do please let me know…

Are you trying to control it over the api key and through a web page which has 2 buttons- On and off?

These are some couple of things you can try IN SEQUENCE

  1. I think that you should check the terminals of the LED just in case you got them wrongly inserted in the GPIO pin.(positive terminal + resistor to A0 pin & negative to GND )
  2. Check the code once again or just copy and paste it from the training module with proper file extension(html)
  3. after completing the hardware and and software part on the bolt cloud SAVE them and come back to the original dashboard and go to products then click on your product’s name.After this the screen will show your product status then click on that small cloud icon on RHS to deploy configurations.
  4. this will resolve it all i guess open the mobile app or go to view option on the cloud forum itsekf to operate the LED.