Unable to upload code on BOLT Cloud

Hi Pranav,
I have registered my BOLT to Bolt-Cloud. But I am not able to upload my code(index.html).
I am not sure whether my BOLT-Kit(Blue PCB) is registered on Cloud or not. Please tell me how to confirm it. I have got device name-BOLT14096840.

Please reply as earliest.

Hi Manish, Use Chrome browser to open cloud.boltiot.com and click on upload files tab. Make sure file name should end with .html extension.
If you want to get started with bolt cloud you can also use some HTML templates form this repo https://github.com/Inventrom/ui-templates
Suppose you want to control the led on pin 0 then upload the test_bulb.html file from the repo and also click on generate API key and enable it from API section.

After uploading the page, HTML creates a product and link your HTML page to a product.Now the next step is to link the product with the device.
Refer all tutorial https://boltiotworkshop.appspot.com/

Also send screenshot of error or warning message here.

As I can see your device is already linked to your account. Now connect your bolt to the internet enabled Wi-Fi network and to check whether your Bolt is alive or dead you can use bolt API.

Syntax :

**For example, **

Replace API key and device id with your API key and device ID.

Hi Rahul,
I have checked with this http://cloud.boltiot.com/remote/ab9aaaad-def7-4b03-9aa4-09319bd725e0/isAlive?&deviceName=BOLT14096840.

It is giving {“success”: “0”, “value”: “Invalid api key”}.
After that , it is giving internal server error.

Hi @manishj02
Please switch on the device and try again. We have fixed the problem from our site.