Unable to upload image in html and web development

After typing coding for uploading image in html and web development …my page shows the content with “x” mark

hello bro…can you send the screenshot of the error so that i can see and analyse the error correctly.please attach full screenshot .


Can you please share the code? Also the name and location of the image that you are trying to show in the page.

Instead of the path that you have provided, you need to use the path of the car image as src value.

Hi @mailtonatwin,

You are entering the incorrect image path in img tag. Here “x” means the browser is not able to find the image. Since your image and html code is in the same folder and I am guessing it is a png file then your src will be

src="car image.png"

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

along with width also mention its height so that it would be more presentable. Try using a different browser as there are differences in rendering the services of the browser. prefer internet explorer browser for html programs so that they run more effectively.