Unable to use all the pins

I was doing the project which needs 6 digital pins, but in cloud it’s possible to use only 5 digital pins at a time.
please remove the restrictions and allow all the pins to be used at the same time i.e., digital pins 0-7 and analog pins A0 - A5.

Could you let me know what is the project you are building. I will be able to help you better.

We had to bring in the restriction to ensure more user friendliness in Bolt 2. However, you can get more pins by using an Arduino along with Bolt. You can connect an Arduino using the UART. You can also use all pins by selecting No when it asks you if you would like to do the hardware configuration and then manually coding it as given in the workshop tutorials.

It was requiring 6 digital pins.

The screenshot you have shared is of the hardware configuration. The hardware configuration is only for Input devices and sensors, hence at that point click on ‘No’ and proceed with the development as given in the instructable experiment.

This experiment is about controlling output device i.e. Motors so you may proceed directly as given in the Instructables by selecting ‘No’ when asked for ‘Would you like to create Hardware Configuration?’

We have noted this as a UX feedback and shall work on removing this confusion in the developer consol it self.

thank you @PPV so much for your help. :slight_smile:

when I connect the RxTx of BOLT to that of arduino then in coding of BOLT I have to select only UART pins and in Arduino I’ve to include SoftwareSerial library and do whole coding in arduino ?
Can you share any example with me ?

You can check the given link below for Arduino code which is about UART communication between Arduino and Bolt. You have to write whole code in Arduino for reading sensors and UART communication.

@raunak.rtu Try out the above tutorial. If you still face an issue with the UART then let us know. May I know what UART experiment you are currently trying to do?

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I just wanna learn how to interface Arduino with Bolt to do simple programs right now like controlling motors, etc.

This might help : http://www.instructables.com/id/Internet-Controlled-Robot-Using-Bolt-IoT-Platform/

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