Unable to view graph in ldr project

I have 23 data values in my graph. But on viewing the device, I cant view the graph. I followed the instructions carefully

There might be some problem with the connections or linking the wifi module to cloud.
It would be best for you if you disconnect everything and build the project from the scratch again.
Make sure the hardware connections are done accordingly, make sure both the LED are ON on the Bolt.
While creating product, select GPIO and input devices.
Make sure the 3V3 should not touch GND.
In the coding section, the file extension should be .js
Check the code from Creating your product section.
Name the analog pin and make sure to use that name in code.
Save the code and link the product to Bolt wifi module.
Go to device page and deploy configuration.
Click deploy at the interval of 10 seconds.
After some time, click on view device to get graph.
Good luck!

thanks, its working now… i think it got disconnected from the cloud earlier
hence no graph

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