Unable to view my device under the 'Hardware Module' tab

I’m facing an issue here. My Bolt module is set up well with both the LED’s lit and I have my device mentioned ‘Online’ on my Bolt IOT app on my phone. But I’m unable to view my device under the ‘Hardware Module’ tab to deploy the configuration.
Please help!

first go to the “add a new device” on the top right hand corner and try to connect your device.

Hello @almaanna091198,
If you link your bolt device with bolt cloud,then it must show your bolt device on the bolt cloud.
OR else again do follow the steps mentioned in bolt training for linking your bolt device to your bolt cloud .

The problem might be with your browser.I had encountered a similar problem when I was using microsoft edge and I tried using google chrome and it worked.

Yes. It does work with Chrome. Thanks!