Uncaught Refrence error : hbspt is not defined

Why am I encountering this error?

Hi @askumar835,

Please remove the add blocker restriction for this site and you will not get any error.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.


It did not solve the problem.

Please share screenshot of your code here. It looks like at line no 167 inn your code, variable ‘hbpst’ is accidentally used. Check if that variable is valid and exists in code. If yes, correct the variable to actual. This is basically a code compilation error.

Hope this helps!!!


@akshaykumar.kumar198 You can ignore the error there. If you remove the adblocker or any such plugins that you have installed, it will go away.

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yeah i see that…but why does it show that error with the addblock…what is th reasoning

@spriyam095 The adblocker is stopping one of the plugins on the Bolt Cloud from loading. That is why you are seeing this error.


okay I see that makes sense…Thanks