Unidentified type of error on the view tab of the plant monitoring system project

When I clicked the view button for the table it showed an error .
“Please check your product code at line 144, character 117
Uncaught ReferenceError: hbspt is not defined.”
I can’t get it through please help me.


i think something is wrong with your code
can you upload pic of your code

Check your code once,can you show your code

Try plugging the module again. Reply if it doesn’t help and send the pic code @farazomar

@farazomar Can you please disable any adblocker or privacy blocker on cloud.boltiot.com?
The error that you are being shown does not matter. It will not affect your code output.

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hello farazomar, probably there is a logic or a programming error in your code. if you can send us a screenshot, we may help to resolve it.

this solved my problem thank you

that problem wont affect your output…and kindly check ur code and variable name given once again