Unlink the device

I previously requested the team to Change my mail id From pruthvimudhiraj88@gmail.com to gauthamraj2401@gmail.com

As my brother is not using the kit i want to make a project

I by mistakenly written my bolt id incorrectly
My correct bolt id - BOLT5777925
I apalogise for my mistake and please unlink the correct device

@gauthamraj2401 The first thing you can do it login to https://trainings.boltiot.com/ using your previous email id and Go to profile Profile Picture → Edit profile → Edit Profile and update your email id.

The next step is to unlink your device from your https://cloud.boltiot.com/ . Login to Bolt Cloud using your previous email id and unlink the device from your account. https://docs.boltiot.com/docs/unlinking-device-from-your-account

And then create your Bolt Cloud account using your new email account and follow the setup process again to link your Bolt device to your new account.

Cant find options as shown

@gauthamraj2401 Please switch to Private tab and remove your email id or you can directly contact BoltIot Support at support@boltiot.com