Unlinking the bolt device from current account

I want to change the bolt current account to another account I tried some way but I am not able to unlink ther e is no x mark in share option my bolt model is BOLT1118225
help me to unlink the current account

Hi @aravindhakash96 ,

In the device sharing option, click Private(Pro). Below, your email ID will be listed, click Remove action.
Your device will be unlinked from that account.

To link it to a new account, follow the steps from the beginning. Using the Bolt App.

hi @aravindhakash96,
you can directly add new device through bolt iot app and follow the steps shown it would be enough for a non pro user to update the device.

hello @aravindhakash96 :wave:,
you can login to your bolt cloud account and then open the docs section where you can find Bolt cloud basics, In that section you can find unlinking the bolt device from the current account and many more follow them as instructed.
hope your problem is solved :grinning:
enjoy coding.

it is very easy to unlink your device. just follow the simple steps given on the link and you are good to go !

There is no email id listed below that it just sya upgrade to pro that’s all

That’s is not to unlink from the current account (email id)

I tried that but I didn’t find the solution in sharing options there is email id is listed as shown in document


Can you share a screenshot of the interface device sharing option > Private(Pro)?

I’ll check with the team internally.

Ya sure


Please share the email ID your device is linked with. We’ll manually unlink it, and inform you once done.

Ya sure which it is aravindhakash96@gmail.com


We will unlink your device from that email ID by today EOD.

Okay done will u inform me once device unlink from current account


Will inform you, once done.

Let me know if you have any other query.

In future weather I can unlink the device on my own


Please check. Your device BOLT1118225 has been unlinked from the account aravindhakash96@gmail.com.

We will update the site soon, as during the new feature this part was missed. In future, you should be able to remove your device from the account.

Okay Thank you problem solved

I am not able to link device through another account
my device is config with varunsondur@gmail.com but now I am unable to unlink it


Have you connected your device with the mentioned email ID in the past?