Unresponsive GPIO 0 pin when product is linked

while i am doing PWM project, I was testing my output with my LED to each value from 0 to 255.
when i started giving values from 0 and increasing with step size 1, my LED light stopped increasing at LOW Voltage only even i increase the PWM value to 255. And suddenly my LED stopped glowing.
I checked with new LED, for the same project. No output recognized.
when i removed the product link to the device and tested LED’s output, the device responded i.e. the Digital GPIO 0 pin worked and LED glowed.
But when i tried same LED ON&OFF code through the product linking to the device the GPIO 0 pin is not responding.

@manideepallepalli200 do share the screenshots of the code and also for the Hardware Configurations


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Can you share the hardware configuration?

Nothing Mentioned in Hardware


You have replaced the placeholders from the setkey function. The cloud IDE will replace the API and device id for you. You don’t have to pass it yourself.

Can you fix it and then check?

I am also having similar trouble as @manideepallepalli200 mentioned.

I was trying my first project LIMS (Light Intensity Monitoring System) and as I was configuring my product, I was trying to write a name for the A0 Pin but the name does not appear on the screen instead every time it is refreshed and there is no name written on the side of the AO pin. Also, I cannot see the full schematic of the Bolt Wifi Module on my computer screen and in the video I am trying to cursor down the screen but it is showing it is the end of the length of the tab.
Link for the Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15263CfPHSR8T632wtCxV9sgaXyczEoHn/view?usp=sharing

Hi @sarthakagg105,

In your case, it looks like the ratio of your screen is the issue here. It isn’t opening the browser in 16:9 ratio.

Do one thing, in the settings you can ZOOM out the screen by pressing the minus ’ - ’ sign.
Either that or press Ctrl + minus ’ - ’ sign on your keyboard.

When the screen zooms out, the placement of the input box for variables and file name extension in the code section should get back to its original position.

Let us know if it helped you.

Thank you @akshayan.sinha . As I zoomed out my screen I can see the whole schematic

But the entering of the variable name still persists, I press enter after writing the variable name but it gets refreshed and it gets never saved and I have followed the note as well as above as seen in the video


Can you make sure to press Ctrl+S to save the variable name? Let me know if that helps.

You can try using other browser as well, to see if the problem remains.


It helped , I saved the configuration and it shows me the variable name

Thanks Again!

here u a havent selected the 0 gpio pin and given a variable. only if u mention the variable and select zero those functions will work