Unresponsive GPIO 0 pin when product is linked

while i am doing PWM project, I was testing my output with my LED to each value from 0 to 255.
when i started giving values from 0 and increasing with step size 1, my LED light stopped increasing at LOW Voltage only even i increase the PWM value to 255. And suddenly my LED stopped glowing.
I checked with new LED, for the same project. No output recognized.
when i removed the product link to the device and tested LED’s output, the device responded i.e. the Digital GPIO 0 pin worked and LED glowed.
But when i tried same LED ON&OFF code through the product linking to the device the GPIO 0 pin is not responding.

@manideepallepalli200 do share the screenshots of the code and also for the Hardware Configurations


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Can you share the hardware configuration?

Nothing Mentioned in Hardware


You have replaced the placeholders from the setkey function. The cloud IDE will replace the API and device id for you. You don’t have to pass it yourself.

Can you fix it and then check?