⚠ UPDATE: Snippet Challenge Submission Date has been Extended!

:calendar: LAST DATE OF SUBMISSION - 31st of October, 2021 (Updated)

This is your chance to give more time to your WebDev skills, and come up with amazing Web Interface for Bolt IoT !!

You can come up with Games, data visualization functions, new charts and many more!! This is your chance to prove and make your IoT level top-notch!!

We have got amazing submissions so far. This is to let you know, you didn’t miss your chance to have your name and submission highlighted on the Bolt IoT Dashboard.

For any doubt or guidance for your submission, Bolt IoT has got your back !

Go through the RULES provided in :computer: Upcoming Snippet Challenge

:white_check_mark: Submission Link - https://info.boltiot.com/snippetchallengesubmission

:100: For an Idea of What to Submit -

:question: Still Confused what to Submit?
Reply to this thread with your questions. We’ll help you with your queries!

Hello Bolt Community! :wave:

:information_source: Here is a video on How to use the Code Snippet feature on Bolt Cloud.

Hello Bolt Community! :wave:

:information_source: Here is a video on How to use inline script to host your Web-Interface on Bolt Cloud.

You can also refer to boltCommand.js - All BoltIoT functions for more functions and how to use them on Bolt Cloud.

can i submit my innovation challenge project in snippet challenge?

Hi @rognumimli

If your project meets the requirement and guidelines mentioned under 💻 Upcoming Snippet Challenge, then yes you can.

But both the challenges are completely different. You don’t require to build a project in here, only build a web interface with basic web development. Keeping in mind that, it has to be easily hosted on the Bolt Cloud dashboard.

You can make games, or web interface to control the bolt module, the choice is yours.

Let me know if you have any other queries.