Updated A0 value on custom app label

I connected the temperature sensor LM35 to the A0 pin and I could see the graph as well. I need to get the values of temperature updated frequently on my custom application developed using MIT APP INVENTOR.
Please share the logic of receiving data.
Also, is there any way I can access the graph in the custom app without login to bolt IoT (in web view mode).

Hey! here is an idea I don’t know how far it can be correct,
since you are saying about a custom app you can use your API_KEY and DEVICE_ID of the bolt and get access of you bolt module in custom app and with that you can get all the data in your custom app and after getting that data you can create a graph base on the data you receive, I don’t know how far this can be applicable.

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But I am unableble to get values. That is the 1st problem to resolve

@yeshwant.naik sir please help.

Hi @arunkedu,

Do you have any database service available in MIT APP INVENTOR? If yes, then you have to just fetch the data points from the Bolt device using the Bolt Cloud API and save it in your database. Once you have the data, you can plot the graph in your app using any graph library.

Check this project https://www.hackster.io/rahulkumarsingh/plotting-graph-on-bolt-data-61714f

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.