Updated interface of "Twilio Cloud Communications"

I just finished the introduction to Twilio a third party message sending application. As I visited their website through the link given in the course material I noticed the interface and UI of the website have changed. However, I did the registration on Twilio and got a Twilio number successfully but it was bit hard to do so as the interface and UI were updated and the steps are little different than the one which are mentioned in the course material. Hence I’d request Bolt Iot to re upload the Introduction material with screenshots of registration steps in updated UI of Twilio. Thank You.


Yes, we will be updating the same soon.

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they updated the website again. It is nothing like the screenshots provided in the material. Steps are also entirely different.
Please update the material.

Which option should I select here?


2nd Option. “No, I want to use my own hosting service”

We’ll soon update the changes in the training as well.

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You can use the below steps to follow and choose the correct options.

This is Twilio’s Welcome screen

  • Choose ‘IoT/Wireless’ when asked ‘Which Twilio product are you here to use?’
  • Choose ‘Alerts & Notifications’ when asked ‘What do you plan to build with Twilio?’

  • Choose ‘With Code’ when asked ‘How do you want to build with Twilio?’
  • Choose ‘Python’ when asked ‘What is your preferred coding language?’
  • Choose ‘No, I want to use my own hosting service’ when asked ‘Would you like Twilio to host code?’
  • Then Click ‘Get Started with Twilio’ and you’ll be redirected to the Twilio dashboard.
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