Updates to the Bolt SD card Files

Now you can find the updated Bolt SD card files V2 at: https://github.com/Inventrom/bolt-sdcard-files/tree/master/dist

Whats new in Version - 2 ?
1. You can now directly connect bolt to your cloud.boitiot.com from settings page. No more complex commands in browser.
2. You can now update your bolt firmware from settings page. Finally it is here :smile:
3. You can also check bolt version in settings page.
4. Slight improvements in speed. This is possible due to the minified versions of the files.
5. Better experience while setting up WiFi connection to Bolt.

How to update to your device:
1. Copy all these files to the SD card (You can use an SD card adaptor or upload one by one using the developer page. SD card method is preferred)
2. If you face any issue with the files, we suggest you to raise an issue on Github itself. (Check the Issues tab)
3. We suggest you to improve this file and contribute to the development. We are looking for improvements in UI UX as well as features. To get the raw files to edit go to https://github.com/Inventrom/bolt-sdcard-files


Hats off BOLT and Team .!!!:slight_smile:

Your KAIZEN (continuous improvement) attitude is one of the traits that binds my heart to your (BOLT) dedicated and passionate community !!

Great going BOLT and team !!


What is the latest firmware version of bolt? I updated my bolt version but its showing version {“Bolt Hardware Version”:“1.2”,“Firmware Version”:“1.3.3”}

For Hardware version 1.2 the latest Firmware version is 1.3.3. You have the latest firmware version of bolt.

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I have placed the file sin the SD card although it is not showing changes in the BOLT app.

I think you have got your solution. If you are still facing this issue then you can do with the help of cvv. Check this and let me know if this works or not.