Updating code on bolt from cloud

Hi Pranav,
how bolt is updating its code over the air . As gone through the whole course but there is nothing mention about how cloud is sending (updating ) the over the air code to the bolt module, which is uploaded on bolt cloud or code which run through vps .In the course only information about the connecting bolt to cloud and vps is given, but second part is not explained how cloud sending ota update to bolt module by which protocol by which method .please explained above my query .
And Also which firmware bolt is using .There is no information about the firmware is given. please give some information about firmware we are using on bolt .

please give your valuable time to solve my query .
thanking you .

Yes. We have missed out on adding that information in the Docs section. We shall add it soon. For now we shall post the steps here on forum.

@vinayak.joshi Please reply here.

The firmware for the Bolt WiFi module was developed in-house at Inventrom Pvt Ltd. The architecture of the Bolt platform is such that the user does not have to change the firmware of the device, for any functionality mentioned in the course (Or any other for that matter).

The OTA updates are available for bug fixes and feature updates (Similar to how your phone receives OS updates).
It can be triggered by finding the IP address of the Bolt WiFi module and running the following link in a web browser.

For example, if the IP address of the Bolt device in your wifi network is then the link would be

This would trigger an OTA update query to the Bolt Cloud, with the current firmware version of the Bolt WiFi module.
If a new firmware for the device is available on the cloud, the device downloads the firmware, and enters bootloader mode and flashes the new firmware into its memory. This takes about 40 seconds. The device then restarts and connects to the wifi network that it was earlier connected to.

You can find out the current version of you Bolt device by running the following link in a web browser.

The latest firmware version available is 1.0.6 for Bolt hardware version 2.