Upgrading to API Pro Plan

Hi, @rahul.singh1 @vinayak.joshi @PPV @yeshwant.naik

I want to know that if I upgrade to Pro Plan of API access and if I just want to use it for the first month and not for the consequent months, then, in any way, can I withdraw/cancel the upgradation of the plan from the second month, provided I would have paid for the first month?

Please let me know as this is regarding my project based on BOLT IoT, which I am about to upload on hackster.io and I require slightly higher API access than the currently free provided one. The project is at its completion and is just on hold due to limited API access. Please revert.


Yes if you want the subscription for 1st month then pay only for one month. In future if you want pro plan again you can access it for 1 more month. Its simple pay for plan then access it.

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yes, you can buy the pro plan from instamojo bolt iot store too, no need to pay for the consecutive month.