Urgent : Refund for IOT kit. Its been more than 20 days

I am Manish from IIT Hyderabad. I ordered your IOT kit by paying online(UPI) on 11th august 2023 and the cancelled the product on the same day. The item didn’t even shipped when I cancelled it, it can be cancelled on same day. But the kit got delivered to me week later and I rejected to take it and today is 31st august , still I haven’t got any refund. I called the bolt team and they were saying the same thing,“when the kit is received by we will process the refund and the kit is still in transit”.

Please check the issue and process me the refund ASAP.

My email id is : smkrishna1162@gmail.com

Hi @smkrishna1162,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.
We are looking into this and will process your refund as soon as possible.


The payment was made through Cashfree Payments.
Please share your Account Details with support@boltiot.com so that we can process your refund.